Fairfax County (Virginia) Police Want to Ban Permitted Concealed Handguns from Police Stations

Fairfax County, Virginia officials are trying to get a ban on carrying weapons into police buildings. (I live in the county.) The inspiration:

"Michael Kennedy, a mentally ill 18-year-old, drove behind the police station in Chantilly last May and fired more than 70 shots with several weapons. Two officers died from gunshot wounds."

First of all, the main problem with these kinds of laws -- "gun-free zones" -- is that they're more like "sitting duck zones." Criminals know no one will be armed there, so a disproportionate number of multiple-victim shootings actually happen in them.

The exception with a police station, of course, is that there is "armed security" all over. I would guess this kind of situation is basically unheard of, so banning civilian guns there won't hurt the law-abiding. That's why I don't care much if the law passes.

However, look at the case that inspired it. The shooting happened outside the building. This law wouldn't have prevented the attack, even if the mentally ill man bent on killing cops had obeyed it. . . .

Thanks to Robert VerBruggen for sending me this post from his blog.


Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

Ban em only if police agree to leave their guns in their automobiles which must be parked on public property (can't be parked on government property). What's good for some is good for the rest. It's not our fault police abuse their power and incite people to shoot at them - it's their fault. Abuse the privelege, loose the privelege.

"An armed society is a polite society"

11/22/2006 3:01 PM  

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