"No Jail For Elderly Driver In Market Crash"???

An 89-year-old man whose car hurtled through a farmers market, killing 10 people, was let off on probation Monday by a judge who said he believed the defendant deserved to go prison but was too ill. . . .

The judge noted that Weller had enough control of his vehicle to avoid cars and trucks within the farmers market.

"Mr. Weller chose to steer into the people, plowing into the crowd and literally launching bodies into the air as his car sped 2½ blocks," the judge said. The judge also called Weller's apologies hollow. . . .

"I believe the courts have to be practical as well as principled," the judge said. "I don't see any purpose of sending Mr. Weller to jail or prison. It wouldn't do anybody any good." . . .

What? Isn't this guy even confined to his house? Isn't his driver's license revoked? No good? Wouldn't the penalty at least discourage other people from doing this type of crime? How about higher insurance requirements?


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