A real scandal in Chicago's crime statistics

Crimefilenews has some amazing details on the city of Chicago apparently hiding the number of murders. The WBBM-TV story is entitled "Are Police Hiding Homicides to Make the CIty Seem Safer?" and is pretty hard hitting. WIth all the other corruption problems in Chicago have been bad, these corruption claims really hit home. Using a conservative approach and really just taking the most obvious cases, WBBM found 80 murders that the police reclassified as not being murders. The Medical Examiner said that the police claims reclassifying these murders as not being murders are simply involving: "The police are out of their area of expertise." The Anchors on the news show were right to say "this is just stunning." If this doesn't cause a national sensation, the press will really be in the tank for Daily.

I’m going to offer my thoughts about tonight’s WBBM-TV report questioning hidden homicides in Chicago.

The Chicago Police Department only turned over to WBBM-TV a handful of the 80 plus cases where the Medical Examiner’s records disputed the department’s conclusions. Perhaps a Federal Grand Jury should investigate the records that the department refused to turn over. Covering up murders if that's true are as bad as it could get. The potential implications here are beyond horrendous. . . .


Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

This will all get covered up; and the local newsmedia will help, but it will try to sweep it under a rug at the same time it tries to expose it. Believe me, the newsmedia knew about this and is much a part of the scam as is the police.

Illinois police (including Chicago police) have been doing these kinds of things for a long time. One of their other scams is to wait and expose a gun criminal at the same time gun legislation is being voted on in the legislature. They like to hype all gun crime in order to ban gun possession. Of course the current ban under consideration is the assault weapon ban.

This stuff occurs in the suburbs too.

And anyone should be able to understand that in a city where handguns have been banned for over twenty years then gun crime should be non-existent - right? That's the MO for scams like this one and it's the MO for more gun bans.

But this stuff is only the beginning; next, they will place cameras everywhere on every corner, and when that doesn't eliminate gun crime they are gonna place cameras and listening devices in as many homes as they can afford to buy the equipment and pay police to use the equipment - with or without court order.

They will do this because that is what socialists do to have things their way. Every key government position in Illinois is now held by democrats. The only remaining slew of republicans is found in the legislature, but even that is now controlled by democrats. Democrats (most of them) are socialists. We got the government the citizens of Chicago elected.

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