More Newspapers Publish Gun Owner's Names Online

It was pointed out to me that one common attribute of some of these newspapers that published these lists is that they are part of Gannett Publishing. I have no idea if there is a connection, but it does seem strange that these lists are being published so closely together.

Dozens of readers have taken issue with The Journal News over its decision to run a list of pistol permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties as part of a wider investigative article.

The names of more than 30,000 licensed handgun owners were posted online as part of "Falling Through the Cracks," the paper's Dec. 10 report that found that thousands of registered handguns were unaccounted for because there is no system to secure the weapons of permit holders who die. The articles can be found by clicking the "Gun Control" icon at www.lohud.com.

Some readers, particularly those on the list of licensed pistol owners, suggested that the newspaper erred in publishing the names. They said it may target their homes for theft, although the paper did not publish their home addresses.

The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association reacted by posting what it thought were home addresses and telephone numbers of newspaper staff members. The list inadvertently included addresses of people not associated with the newspaper or the articles. . . .

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Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

"... there is no system to secure the weapons of permit holders who die." (Journal News)

Well, I think these pistols simply ascend and float away into pistol heaven along with their owners. But I can understand the doubt by the gun ban crowd that these pistols (the ones with legs) might stand up, after their owners die, and walk away. And maybe even, these orphaned guns, would celebrate and fire off a few rounds - all by themselves, especially the ones who never did like their owners - the owners who never bothered to even clean their dirty little guns.

The gun ban crowd thinks every firearm is accounted for at all times - each and every millions and billions of them. Too much tv and CSI for the gun ban crowd.

This is what happens when both sides worship police - both sides will say things that are not real. The gun ban crowd will say police are trained in firearm handling, while all others could not ever learn to handle firearms responsibly as police. The other side will defend and support police as though they can do no wrong. What happens when police die: where do police firearms go ?

Is it illegal to 'self-destroy' these nuclear-hot-potatoes ? Can we slice our dead relatives' guns into smaller pieces and send them into scrap yard heaven ? Or must they first receive official death certificate status from the gun coroner? Watch the next episode of CSI and find out if all guns, of dead owners, must receive death certificates.

"Old guns never die, they just go to heaven (with their good owners)"

12/19/2006 6:40 AM  

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