Places where concealed handguns can be carried in Georgia expanded

See this:

Debate continues in the Georgia General Assembly over weapons. But on Thursday the House voted 111-58 to allow Georgians with concealed gun permits to carry their weapon at bus stops, other transportation facilities, houses of worship and restaurants. According to the Telegraph, the House vote expands a move by the Senate allowing people holding permits to carry guns at public parks & restaurants without alcohol licenses.

More on what is happening in Georgia regarding gun free zones can be found here.

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Blogger Rail Claimore said...

Georgia has "public gathering" laws that amount to the strictest laws of any shall-issue or may-issue state in regards to where you can carry, and as a result, the most "gun-free" zones. Examples of these places are public transportation, places that serve alcohol (even in non-bar areas), even the parking lots of the aforementioned places, and all public buildings which include the most innocent of all places such as highway rest stops. California has fewer places off limits than Georgia, that's how ridiculous the current situation is.

If this thing passes, Georgia goes from THE most restrictive to one of the least restrictive states in regards to "gun-free" zones (on par with neighboring Alabama). The only off-limits places will be those defined by federal law (K-12 schools, courthouses, not sure whatelse...).

Georgia Carry has been working tirelessly to overhaul Georgia's carry laws, and most of the credit, if this passes, goes to them. However, there's some bad news: The Senate voted against the amendment that would have gotten rid of the "public gathering" laws. It remains to be seen if they can work on it a bit more and get enough votes to pass.

2/02/2008 5:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politicians are like my kids, I got them here now they are driving me nuts!

GCO Member

2/02/2008 5:02 PM  

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