"Lumpy" Lambert Foils Robbery with Pistol

Another example where the criminal runs away rather than fights when a citizen is able to defend themselves:

A Knox County commissioner known for his pro-gun stance says he aborted an armed robbery at his car dealership Saturday with the aid of his .380-caliber pistol.

Greg "Lumpy" Lambert, who represents the 6th District in northwest Knox County, said he was at Advantage Auto Sales on Clinton Highway early Saturday afternoon when a young man began acting suspicious while test-driving a 2005 Ford Focus. . . .

"I think we probably leveled our sights close to the same time," Lambert said. "I think I got a bit of a drop on him. I told him to drop his weapon, and he said he didn't want any trouble."

Stackhouse didn't ask for money or issue any demands, Lambert said. "I didn't give him a chance to," he said.

Lambert said he convinced the young man to lay down his weapon and then told him to leave the premises, but not before letting him know he'd probably "be arrested at some point."

Lambert said that Stackhouse, who left his driver's license inside the building, departed the property the same way he'd come - on foot.

"It was a tense situation, and a little scary," Lambert said.

The Knox County Sheriff's Office investigated the case, Lambert said, and Stackhouse was finally located early Sunday using information from his driver's license. . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lumpy Lambert is a coward, he can't even bring himself to admit the obvious, that the murder of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom at the hands of four filthy niggers was a hate crime. Screw him!

6/27/2007 1:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You want to know what Lumpy's really like? He isn't the heroic type at all, he's a coward as clearly manifested by his actions in this article:

Pudgy, Effeminate Knox County Commissioner Greg 'Lumpy' Lambert Can't Admit the Truth


7/03/2007 6:40 PM  

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