New Haven Citizens Launch Armed Patrols

What does one do when the police are unable to provide adequate protection:

Members of a politically influential yeshiva led by Rabbi Daniel Greer (pictured at top) -- who have spent more than a decade rebuilding their stretch of Edgewood -- have organized an armed citizens patrol.

They made the announcement Monday afternoon at Yeshiva of New Haven (aka The Gan School) on Elm Street. They plan to begin patrolling Monday evening in two-person teams wearing "Edgewood Park Defense Patrol" T-shirts and carrying concealed, licensed firearms.

The patrols are scheduled to run from 6 to 10 p.m. daily in the area bounded by Norton Street, Edgewood Avenue, and West Park and Whalley Avenues.

That's the neighborhood where Greer's organization has rehabilitated 40 old-style New Haven houses and planted 450 trees over the past 18 years. It surrounds the old Roger Sherman School, which Greer's organization converted into an Orthodox Jewish school. The organization has also worked with neighbors to combat prostitution in the area, instituting a successful "John of the Week" effort which featured pinched patrons' names on flyers.

"We are unwilling to give up," Greer said at Monday's announcement in a classroom on the school's second floor. . . . ..

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Anonymous N. Joseph Potts said...

I wonder what the true basis is for the opposition to prostitution. Probably a matter of distasteful sorts coming into the neighborhood from elsewhere (local residents may participate unmolested?)

Rabbi Greer's group may have some legal/moral objection to prostitution and/or it may be a matter of simple racism, but the opposition of this group to peaceful transactions among consenting adults strikes me as at best a grotesque outcome of the GOVERNMENT's opposition to prostitution. The same government that is supposed to be providing the protection the vigilantes are trying to provide.

6/12/2007 8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bTo say that prostitution is a victimless crime is ignorant. I happen to live on Edgewood Park. From my bedroom window, I can see prostitutes-correction I HEAR them YELLING all night and also I hear cars honking their horns at all times. Prostitution in a dreamland is just like it was in the movie Pretty Woman. In reality, prostitution=drugs=crime. Prostitutes have children -children like the rapper 50 cent, the son of a prostitute, who are exposed to creepy men and statistically molested -a lot. When the hookers aren't there, the crackheads are. In fact anyone with a clue can deduct that the hookers are high themselves. Anyway prostitution may as well be legal because the cops don't do anything about it.
I sympathise for these women, yet I've grown to loathe them and their customers and the scary environment which they thrust upon their neighbors.
As for the vigilantes, I don't think violence will ever do anything but create more violence. Violence isn't working in Israel and it isn't working here. The cops do ignore the crime- but who are you more afraid of - 2 big cops-with EXPERIENCE, or two underweight rabbis who are probably terrible shots??? Its pretty macho I think and pretty arrogant. I think that it is all about machismo and that is pretty short sighted.

6/14/2007 7:46 PM  

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