Concealed Handgun Permit Holder Stops Robbers in Texas, video included

FORT WORTH -- Police released surveillance video Friday that shows a witness shooting at two grocery store robbers.

The video shows two robbers entering Albertsons, 3525 Sycamore School Road, Tuesday night. Armed with semiautomatic weapons, they took wallets and purses from customers and employees, police said.

The witness, a 56-year-old Fort Worth man, then walks into the store with a cellphone to his ear. He walks out of camera range, then returns, firing his Beretta at the fleeing robbers.

The witness is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, police said. Blood found at the scene led officers to believe he wounded a robber.

A short time later, Ramsez Hall, 21, of Fort Worth, was dropped off at a south Fort Worth hospital with gunshot wounds to the buttocks and foot. He could face aggravated robbery charges, police said.

Thanks to Andrew B for the link.

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Anonymous Robb Allen said...

Unfortunately, I'm not sure I'd call that a clean shoot. No portion of the AOJP equation was met. The criminals were already fleeing and posed no mortal threat to the shooter.

Now, personally I think the little SOB deserved it. But from the video (and that's a limited POV so my opinion is just a guess), it doesn't look like the shooter had true justification to use deadly force. Then again, I'm not sure of Texas law and if property is justification enough.

7/08/2007 9:50 AM  

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