New York Times attacking Florida's Right-to-Carry Laws

Picking up on articles in two Florida newspapers, the New York Times goes after concealed handgun laws. This editorial is very deceptive in that it implies that felons are obtaining permits. But these individuals were not convicted of "felonies." Florida judges have the power to take a plea, impose probation (without entering a conviction) and once the person completes that, "withhold conviction." These individuals are eligible for a permit because they were not convicted of anything. If the cases are as horrible or the evidence as clear as you claim, why are the judges withholding convictions? Second, I talked to a Mary Kennedy with Florida's licensing department and she confirmed for me that only one person last year lost his permit for any firearms related violation. That is 1 out of 410,000 permit holders. See my similar discussion here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice job of debunking the NY Times and its attempt to create a problem where none exists.

The Sun-Sentinel newspaper has been ramping up its anti-gun hysterics recently, starting with a piece on "Assault Rifles" and then their multi-part "investigation" into the state's concealed carry permit system. No surprise the NY Times picked up on it.

I greatly appreciate your vigilance, Dr. Lott.

1/31/2007 7:53 AM  

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